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VOLUME 35, NUMBER 8 -- September 2013
The September 2013 Membership Meeting will be held on the fourth Friday, September 27, 2013, at 7:00 PM, at the Frederick Ely Williamson Library, Room 1646, Grand Central Terminal, New York, New York. Meet at the entrance to Track A23 at 7:00 PM or 7:15 PM Late arrivals please phone the library at (516) 660-1972. The program, presented by Ms. Cora Sowa, will be a digital slide and video presentation featuring the freight, commuter, and high speed railways of Malaysia.

The 2013 Annual Meeting will be held immediately prior to the Membership Meeting

As I humbly accept the mantle of leadership of the New York Railroad Enthusiasts placed in my tremulous hands, I canít but Wonder at the years of railroad history that have passed before our eyes since our founding in 1937. After so many diverse meeting locations over the years it certainly is an honor to meet at last at the great Grand Central Terminal during her one-hundredth birthday.

Our club wishes to thank Mr. Paul Kalka for his many years of Presidential service and hope his wise council will be of bene?t to our new President.

We also Wish to thank our retiring Webmaster, Mr. Adrian Ettlinger, for his excellent, reliable service and wish him well. We are pleased to welcome aboard our new Webmaster, Mr. Dan Dawdy, who will be taking charge of our website.

Something about myself: I joined the NYRRE 52 years ago in the summer of 1961 and have held a number of positions over the years including Program Chairman and Chairman of the Library Committee. I look forward to moving our club ahead in preserving U.S. railroad history with your help. We have some excellent programs planned for the coming season so please join us to enjoy some rail action!

Hope to see you on Friday, September 27th.

September 2013 Fourth Friday, September 27, 2013 Williamson Library

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